The Indian Review of World Literature in English
A Bi-Annual Online Literary Journal
ISSN: 0974 - 097X
Vol - III - No.- I
Jan 2007
1. Kambaramayanam: A Comparative Study with the Original.
- D. Gnanasundaram
2. The Theme of Alienation in the Novels of J.D. Salinger.
- R. Thiruvalluvan
3. Evolution of Spiritual Thought in the Novels of Theodore Dreiser
- S. Subramaniyan
4. Religious Conditions in Kabirís Period.
- Y.V. S.S.N. Murthy
5. The Theme of Violence in the Novels of Joyce Carol Oates - A Study
- R. Shantarahm
6. A Woman’s Dilemma: A Study of Rachel Crothers’ Susan and God
- Vinata Sai
7. The Ethics of Humanist Valluvar and Rationalist Vemana - A Comparative Study.
- A.B.Saiprasad
8. The Portayal of Women in the Novels of Gail Godwin
- D.Chitraleka