The Indian Review of World Literature in English
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Vol-15: No.II
July, 2019



The Indian Review of World Literature in English


The queries, suggestions and feedbacks from readers/ authors/ reviewers can be addressed to the committee members listed below. For other clarifications and requirements related to the submission of articles, editorial suggestions or grievances and guidance for documentation style, the persons concerned can also mail the same to any of the following members of the Assistance Committee. Appropriate follow up action will be taken and the feedback will be mailed within seven clear working days




Hon’y Director
Indian Institute of English Studies
(Formerly Indian Institute of World Literature)
F4/15, Kumaran Nagar, Chennai-92
Tamil Nadu, India


Dr.K.Subapriya, Ph.D
Assistant Professor of English
Pachaiyappa's College
Chennai -30, Tamil Nadu, India


Dr.S.N.Radhika Lakshmi
Assistant Professor of English
Center for Foundation Studies
Middle East College
Muscat, Oman