The Indian Review of World Literature in English
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Vol-15: No.II
July, 2019





  1. Petite Bourgeoisies, Political Allegory, Communalism – A Study of ‘Animal Farm’ by Eric Arthur Blair
    Dhruti Bhavnagarwala
  2. Racial Relationship in The American Context: An Ideology
    Dr. Majed S Allehaibi  
  3. The Moral Vision of A Fantasy Writer: J.K.Rowling’s Idea of Good and Evil in Harry Potter

    Dr. Navi
  4. Use of Clever Linguistic Tactics in Harold Pinter’s Play The Room

    Dr. Satya Paul  
  5. Ecofeminist Ties in Maya Angelou and Mary Oliver’s Selected Poems

    Elmira Bazregarzadeh  
  6. Comparative Analyses of Wayang Kulit’s (Shadow Puppetry) Characters in the novel The Year of Living Dangerously

    Vinitha K K  

  7. Representation of the Fallen Women: Prostitution as a Moral and Social Problem in George Bernard Shaw’s  Mrs. Warren’s Profession

    Gargi Biswas  

8. ‘Ambivalence’ in Alice Walker’s Art of Characterization

    Howthul Zibriya  

9. Historical blend into the Fantastical world of Angela Carter’s Nights at the Circus

    Devasena R  
  10. Faith, Adorable Admiration and a Catholic Woman’s Seminary and Convent Life

    S Swaroop Sirapangi  
  11. Being in Auschwitz: A Study of Sarah Kane’s Cleansed as a Vivid Picture of Nazi Human Experimentation

Sara Setayesh & Dr. Alireza Anushiravani