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Vol - 10: No -†II
July, 2014
1. Count Dracula versus Abraham Van Helsing through the Looking Glass: A Tour de Force
Narasingha P. Sil
  2. Social Criticism in Aravind Adigaís Between the Assassinations  
    Radhika Chopra  
3. Oil, Imperialism, Underdevelopment and the Vampire State in Tanure Ojaideís The Activist
Chijioke Uwasomba
4.New Historicism: An Intensive Analysis and Appraisal
Rajani Sharma
5. Realisation through Suffering in the Select Novels of Patrick White: Voss, The Eye of The Storm and Riders In the Chariot
Anitha Subramanian
6. Becoming Animal: A Critical Study on Popati Hiranandaniís My Granny and Sanjukta Routís Curfew
Kousik Adhikari

7. Decoding Female Resistance in Buchi Emechetaís Kehinde
Dolly V.Muanching

8. ďThe Indigestible ElementsĒ: Witches and Female Identity in Jeanette Wintersonís The Daylight Gate

Mihaela Cristina Lazăr

9. Magical Realism: Growth and Development

Pragyan Prabartika Dash

10. Evolution of a New Genre: Life Narration in Beatrice Culletonís April Raintree and Sally Morganís My Place
Judith Sophia Lawrence

11. Anne Tylerís The Amateur Marriage as a Domestic Tragedy Ė A Study
Megala Devi

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