The Indian Review of World Literature in English

Vol - 10 : No -I
January, 2014
1. Maggie Gee's The Flood: A Socio-Political Satire in the Apocalyptic Mode
Rajaram Sitaram Zirange
  2. The Solo Fight of Eva Peace in Toni Morrison's Sula  
    M.Alagesan and K.Sairam  
3. The Main Themathologic Preoccupation of Femi Osofisan's Radical Drama
Charles Uji
4.The Postcolonial Diaspora: Cross-Cultural Conflicts in Bharati Mukherjee's Jasmine
Cheena Puri
5. Desiring Authenticity: Perspectives on the Non-indigenous Performance of Aboriginality
6. Mahesh Dattani's Tara: A Silent Scream of the Indian Girl Child
Jyoti Sharma

7. The Representations of Politics in Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses and Shame A Study
Papai Pal

8. Power and Sexuality in Henrik Ibsen's Ghosts

Md. Amir Hossain, Amir

9. Mother Tongue Influence: A Thorn in the Flesh of Technocrats in the Global Market


10. Looking for Meaning of Existence in Rafique Ul Islam's Poetry
Rudra Kinshuk

11. Problematizing Canon Literature with Subaltern Consciousness A Study
Ayon Halder

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