The Indian Review of World Literature in English
A Bi-Annual Online Literary Journal
ISSN: 0974 - 097X
Vol -II - No.- I
Jan 2006
1. Couplets: The (Un)importance of Philp Larkin's Early Sonnets.
Michael G. Devine
2. "Craft" or "Sullen Art" - On Metonymy, Imagery and Aesthetic Ethos in the Poetry of Dylan Thomas
Christopher Kelen
3. “Spaces of Hope” in Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower and Ana Castillo’s So Far From God
Benjamin D. Carson
4. Traditional Sources and New Techniques of Narration: A Contrastive Study Of Mythic Rituals in Maria Campbell’s Halfbreed and Leslie Marmon Silko’s Ceremony 
Punyashree Panda
5. Postmodernism: Consensus Through Dissention
M. Kamalakkannan
6. The Poetry of Sri Aurobindo: The Mantra of The Real
7. Clifford Odets In The Depression Era
Vidya Dass

Poetry Section

New Year Angst
Ganesan Balakrishnan